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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Would You Like Some Fries With That?

The ladies took the lanes today in the trios. Fran and I had subtly (and not so subtly) told the rest of the guys’ team to enjoy the extra day away from the lanes. I think that bowling so many days in a row was starting to wear on all of us, and that the extra day was a good way to rest up and catch some different Israeli scenery. All the other guys did come this morning, which was very nice, and stayed a few games before heading out to do some shopping and whatnot; the women’s team had done the same thing on Friday during our Trios. I stuck around and supported our ladies through the six games.

Just like the Ladies Doubles, this one came right down to the end. Going into the last game, Israel lead by two pins over Team USA, and 44 pins over Mexico. In the last game, it was a 17-pin difference from first to third place going into the last frame. At the end, Israel held the top spot by three pins over Team USA, and Mexico came up a little short to earn the bronze. It was incredibly close and Lindsey, Meryl, and Michelle really gave it their all.

Tonight, we had a chance to check out Team USA play Australia in the Men’s Basketball semifinals. There were a dozen bowlers who went along, some cheering for each team. The game was played in Ra’anana, so I can officially say that I’ve had a chance to visit (even briefly) one of our partnership communities. Maybe I can get a vacation day back for it. In any event, Team USA defeated Australia 83-70 and is in the final game against the winner of the Israel-France match.

But I think the highlight of my day was getting to eat McDonald’s. I know, it’s a pretty trivial thing in the long run, but it’s something I never get to enjoy because it is not kosher in the United States. Well, as luck would have it, there is a kosher McDonald’s about a 10-minute walk from our hotel, so I was just waiting for the right moment to indulge. Chicken McNuggets and French fries never tasted so good, and at least I had to walk it off when I was done. Sometimes, it really is the little things that get you going.

Tomorrow is the five-person team event and is our last day to bowl and qualify for the Masters event. Right now, I’m atop the leader board with a slight cushion. Hopefully, I’ll bowl well and will have it all wrapped up. Till then …


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