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Friday, July 15, 2005

Well, it wasn't Fourth Place

Today, instead, it was a fifth place finish. My trios team was in pretty good shape all day, and even had the lead after the fifth game. Then the wheels came off and we tumbled down to fifth -- I guess you could say we still had our wheels but we went straight down in the sixth game. Venezuela took the gold, silver went to Canada, and Mexico claimed the bronze.

As for me, my bowling went from good to bad today. 236-200-207-185-181-165 for a six-game total of 1174. As bad as I bowled in the last three games, I was the second or third highest bowler on the day, which doesn't say much but it is something to hold on to.

On the upside, I'm in the lead after three days for the all events. I am actually the only person who is over par (which is 200 per game), so for 18 games I have a total pinfall of 3601 and lead my next competitor by about 75 pins.

The ladies bowl trios on Sunday and both men and women bowl the five-person team event on Monday. The two days off will be much appreciated, though I'll be at the bowling center cheering on my teammates when they bowl on Sunday.

Everyone have a wonderful Shabbat. I'll post again tomorrow night or Sunday.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Matthew,
it's Jill,
This time in Israel sounds awesome and I can just feel your appreciation of being in Israel at this time especially. I am looking forward to having you back here, so I can hear the real stories at length. Please be careful in your travel. Be well Shabbat Shalom,

3:12 PM

Blogger Paulette3028 said...

All things considered, you are having a terrific competition.

The down time these two days will surely be a good time to recoup your energy.

Only focus one frame at a time when you bowl on Monday, and don't watch the rear view mirror.

Mrs. White always said, keep your head looking forward, let the car behind worry.

Hope you had a restful Shabbot!

5:58 PM


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