Get ready for a Fantastic Voyage at the 17th World Maccabiah Games. Follow all the action through the eyes of an athlete (that would be me) and learn more than you ever wanted to know about bowling (please, control your enthusiasm, you're embarrassing yourself). Fasten that seatbelt and make sure your tray table and seatback are in the locked and upright position -- this is going to be one crazy time!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Competition Comes to a Close

Today was the final day of the bowling competition. I cannot remember the last time my hand was this swollen and gnarly looking from bowling. Every shot hurt when I put my fingers into the ball. Fran even had to cut away at my grips to help relieve some of the pressure it was creating.

Her fine handiwork helped a little. On the upside, I went 6-2 on the day; unfortunately, I didn't bowl as well as I would have liked and stayed in 7th place when all was said and done. I would have loved to have had a chance to go for another medal at these Games but, honestly, I was quite happy ending after the 16th game and calling it a day. Doing all that bowling, so many games in such a short span of time -- something I haven't done in years -- is absolutely draining, but I loved every minute of it.

Emil Kizer from Venezuela took gold in the Masters, with Isi Eshkenazi of Mexico claiming silver and Adam Goldberg of Australia taking the bronze. The gold medal match actually went to a second game because Emil, who was the top seed, lost the first game. The first match was 172-164; the title game was 245-225. Emil made the most of that opportunity.

For the women, Michelle represented the USA in the stepladder finals, though she fell a little short in the first match and settled for a bronze medal. Tali Itzhak of Israel took the silver and Yifat Tal of Israel won the gold.

After a brief closing ceremony, we made our way back to the hotel for a final dinner on the pool deck. All the bowlers, including our new Israeli friends and their mishpacha, were with us and it was one great time. Pictures will come, I promise (I know I've been a little lax in that department. I'm better with the words; my teammates are better with the pictures ... we really do make a great team).

Almost everyone was thrown into the water, multiple times. Music was playing, food was served, and everyone had a great time -- it was the perfect way to end this magical adventure in Israel.

Tomorrow we leave our home in Ramat Gan for Jerusalem and the Closing Ceremonies to this years Games. Though we'll be spread again all over the world, the memories we've created here will last a lifetime.

Here's to Sydney (the Maccabi Australian Games) in 2006 and Argentina (the Maccabi Pan Am Games) and Italy (the Maccabi European Games) in 2007 -- may we have a chance to meet up there.

I'm going back to the party, which is now in our third floor lounge. Laila Tov.


Blogger Paulette3028 said...

Enjoy the Closing Ceremonies, exchange pins and hugs with friends you have made.

Revel in the excitement and the jubilation. The expectations and anticipation of a few weeks ago have given way to dreams coming true and accomplishments.

Looking forward to talking over the weekend.

Sleep well, Golden Boy, when the night is finally done.

Mom and Dad

6:45 AM


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